Saturday, April 28, 2007

Y'all Kick Some Butt, I'llTell You Whut!

Y'all really are great. It's only been a few days and we've already reached a milestone in our "Pet Project"! $50 bucks! To commemorate this momentus occasion (look at me with all the big words!), I've created the "Skeeter Meter" to show our progress for this cute little (well, not little really) kitty named Skeeter. I've placed it over on the sidebar to your left so y'all can keep up with our progress too, as he will be our "Carolina Canine Confections" pet project kitty.

If y'all haven't noticed, I've also tweaked the name a little bit. After I "came out" (haha) with my dog treat business and mentioned the name, 2 other places have opened up with the same name. Ha ha guys. That's real funny. Let's see how hard y'all are laughin' when the Federal Trademark Office calls you up to tell you that "sorry you're using this name, but it's been trademarked so you have to rename your company or pay the owners (me) of the real Canine Confections". The day is fast approaching. Anyway, I just wanted to stand out, and I'm here in North Carolina, so I thought hey, that'll do.

Also, just to be clear, if you'd ike to order treats or if you're thinking that you might be interested, I know there are no prices listed. I wasn't sure how cool Blogger would be with that, so if you're interested (and let's face it, you know you are! who wouldn't be? Look at your doggy's can you say no to that face?), please just send me an email and I'll forward you the price list.

Thanks and I hope y'all are having a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Canine Confections' Pet Project

To read about how you can help Skeeter get adopted click here.

Skeeter is an overweight, 2 1/2 year old cat who was abandoned, locked in a cat carrier next to a dumpster. Fortunately, he was found and rescued and taken to a local adoption center where he's been in a cage for about 4 months now. Unfortunately, when people are looking to adopt a cat, the tend to gravitate toward the cute kittens, and not the (very) overweight adult cat who has to be on a diet.

This week and then all of May, all proceeds from the treats will go to help adopt Skeeter. And if that goes well, one month where all proceeds go to help dogs and cats get adopted might become an annual thing.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


There are some other treats that I'm working on, but have no pictures of. I'll get those up as soon as I can.

Bone-Naner Biscotti

For that dog who just has to have the very best, Bone-naner Biscotti is just for you! This is a doggy biscotti (although people can eat it too, it probably will not taste like what you buy at your local coffee shop!) made with bananas! These are very crunchy like “people biscotti”, as they are ‘twice baked’. They come “plain” and also “half-dipped” in carob, depending on what you prefer. At this point, they only come in the one size, which is great for medium-large dogs, but I’m working on a smaller size for the smaller pooches among us (who, let’s face it, are normally the most pampered among us!). When these finally show up, you’ll see them listed as “Micro-Naners” because that is just so gosh-darn cute and funny to me! I can not for the life of me remember how many are in a batch because in my infinite wisdom, I didn’t write it down. I do remember that there are quite a few though. You’ll just have to wait on the actual number. These all generally look the same, but they are handmade, so some are a little different in size and shape.

There are ?? “Bone-naners” in a batch. (I don't know I'll have to make another batch to find out) If I had to guess I'd say around 15 thick "cookies".

Bow Wow Barks

These are the newest edition to Canine Confection’s “Doggylog” (Catalog just seemed like the wrong word to use here). These remind me of those breakfast bars they have out now with the oatmeal and fruit and stuff. These particular “barks” have, among other things, oatmeal, molasses, whole wheat flour, and pumpkin. My dog Shadow is absolutely in love with these treats! I cut them in 3x3-inch squares, but if you’d like them bigger or smaller, just let me know and I know we can work something out. They are also easily broken up by hand or cut with a knife. And Shadow thinks they’re just “DeeLickshus”!

There are 12 3x3-inch barks per batch

Monday, April 16, 2007

Fancy Schmancy Bones

These bones are for very special pooches that need that extra bit of pampering! They are made from my extra special secret recipe and then half-dipped into or drizzled with melted carob (whichever you prefer, although the drizzled looks smashing if I do say so myself). The “Schmancies” are a little bit harder than the “Paws” and the “Honey Bunnies”, although they are still fairly easily broken up if need be. They come in two sizes, although I’m working on a third “teensy” version for the itty bitties among us! The bones won’t really vary, but the drizzles or dipped parts are at the mercy of the carob gods. Hopefully they will be forgiving with me.

Regular size batch = about 24 Schmancies
Dogzilla size batch = about 40 Schmancies

Pawmesan Wiggles

These are just adorable. They are also one of Shadow’s favorites! They are made my corn meal and whole wheat flour dog treat recipe with a little bit of Parmesan cheese mixed in. Then they are rolled in (yup!) even MORE Parmesan cheese. The treats are then rolled out and twisted up to look like something you might purchase at one of those fancy coffee shops! I have also just decided that they will now come in TWO sizes! I’ve always just made the one size, but they were only for Shadow and, well, he’s pretty doggone large! It’s just been brought to my attention that there are dogs out there that are…shall we say, small? And would rather not have a treat longer than they are. Please keep in mind that due to their handmade nature, each treat may vary slightly in appearance, although not in taste!

Regular size batch = about 35 Wiggles
Dogzilla size batch = about 18 Wiggles

*Please keep in mind that both sizes are made from the same recipe, the only difference is in the size of the treats. Weight is the same.


Woofles are like waffles, only cuter! And good for puppy! These are made from my cornmeal and whole wheat flour recipe and are ultimately drizzled with melted carob. These treats have a waffle pattern on the top AND the bottom, because I just care that much. These also come in small and large sizes and are “semi hard”. I say “semi” because they are softer than say, store bought bones, but are harder than the Puppy Paws or Honey Bunnies. Please keep in mind that due to their handmade nature, the Woofles may vary a bit in size and shape. The drizzled carob also kind of has a mind of it’s own.

Regular size = about 28 Woofles per batch
Dogzilla size = about 14 Woofles per batch

*Please keep in mind that both sizes are made from the same recipe, the only difference is in the size of the treats. Weight is the same.

Kitty Krackers

Say hello to Kitty! Kitty says hi back. These smilin’ little kitties are made out of my applesauce, peanut butter, and oatmeal recipe. These are a little harder than the other treats, but can still be broken up with not much of a problem. Y’all, I swear I’m getting better with the painting on of melted carob. The picture that I took was of my first attempt and I’d like to think that I’m somewhat of a quick learner. Please keep in mind that these treats may vary slightly in appearance due to their handmade nature and the lack of my whisker painting skills, but never vary in yummy taste!

Each batch makes about 30 Kitty Krackers

Honey Bunnies

These adorable little bunnies are made out of a honey recipe. They are soft(ish), enough to break apart with your hands without much effort. They are cut into “bunny” shape with a little carob eyeball so that the bunny can see you and say “Thanks for ordering me! Your house is just lovely!”. Each bunny may vary just ever-so-slightly due to their handmade nature and the fact that I have to try and get the melted carob to look like an eyeball, which sometimes just doesn’t want to cooperate. But they never vary in taste!

Each batch contains about 30 bunnies.

Puppy Paws

These are the same peanut butter recipe as the Muddy Paws without the carob on the “toes”. They’re still extra yummy in your puppy’s tummy, though! These also come in two sizes: Regular and Dogzilla! Each Puppy Paw may vary slightly because of their hand made nature and the fact that sometimes my rolling pin does not want to cooperate with me.

Regular size batch = about 35 treats
Dogzilla size batch = about 12 treats

*Please keep in mind that both sizes are made from the same recipe and only vary in size. Weight is the same.

Dusty Paws

The Dusty Paws are also the same basic peanut butter recipe as the Muddy Paws and the Puppy Paws, but these are dusted with carob powder (similar to cocoa powder, but without the cocoa). Your dog would beg to help with the housework if all dust tasted like the dust on the Dusty Paws! These also come in the afore mentioned sizes. Each Dusty Paw may vary slightly due to their handmade nature, but really, I try my very best!

Regular size batch = about 35 treats
Dogzilla size batch = about 12 treats

*Please keep in mind that both sizes are made from the same recipe, the only difference is in the size of the treats. Weight is the same.

Muddy Paws

These are the two different sizes I make of the Muddy Paws. The larger sized treats are perfect for the “bigger than your average dog” who has always had to settle for “normal” dog treats and never get several bites out of one treat until you give them 3 or 4 of the average treat at once. The smaller ones aren’t exactly small, but are still great for every size of dog. The treats are a somewhat soft (can be broken apart without much effort) peanut butter based treat with carob (a chocolate substitute) painted on the “toes” to create the “muddy” look. These are muddy paws that won’t leave you scrubbing your kitchen floor or steam cleaning your carpet! Each Muddy Paw may vary just slightly due to their handmade nature, and the fact that carob is not the easiest thing to work with. But I do it for YOU!

Regular size batch = about 35 treats.
Dogzilla size batch = about 12 treats.

*Please keep in mind that both sizes are made from the same recipe, the only difference is in size. Weight is the same.