Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bone-Naner Biscotti

For that dog who just has to have the very best, Bone-naner Biscotti is just for you! This is a doggy biscotti (although people can eat it too, it probably will not taste like what you buy at your local coffee shop!) made with bananas! These are very crunchy like “people biscotti”, as they are ‘twice baked’. They come “plain” and also “half-dipped” in carob, depending on what you prefer. At this point, they only come in the one size, which is great for medium-large dogs, but I’m working on a smaller size for the smaller pooches among us (who, let’s face it, are normally the most pampered among us!). When these finally show up, you’ll see them listed as “Micro-Naners” because that is just so gosh-darn cute and funny to me! I can not for the life of me remember how many are in a batch because in my infinite wisdom, I didn’t write it down. I do remember that there are quite a few though. You’ll just have to wait on the actual number. These all generally look the same, but they are handmade, so some are a little different in size and shape.

There are ?? “Bone-naners” in a batch. (I don't know I'll have to make another batch to find out) If I had to guess I'd say around 15 thick "cookies".

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