Monday, April 16, 2007


Woofles are like waffles, only cuter! And good for puppy! These are made from my cornmeal and whole wheat flour recipe and are ultimately drizzled with melted carob. These treats have a waffle pattern on the top AND the bottom, because I just care that much. These also come in small and large sizes and are “semi hard”. I say “semi” because they are softer than say, store bought bones, but are harder than the Puppy Paws or Honey Bunnies. Please keep in mind that due to their handmade nature, the Woofles may vary a bit in size and shape. The drizzled carob also kind of has a mind of it’s own.

Regular size = about 28 Woofles per batch
Dogzilla size = about 14 Woofles per batch

*Please keep in mind that both sizes are made from the same recipe, the only difference is in the size of the treats. Weight is the same.


Judy said...

Hi! Can you email me your price list? My daughters and their dogs live in Raleigh and I would love to get them some of these goodies :-)

maracujabr at hotmail dot com


barnmouse said...

Hi! I just sent you our price list. Sorry it took so long, I hadn't actually made one yet! But we're good now. ;)