Saturday, April 28, 2007

Y'all Kick Some Butt, I'llTell You Whut!

Y'all really are great. It's only been a few days and we've already reached a milestone in our "Pet Project"! $50 bucks! To commemorate this momentus occasion (look at me with all the big words!), I've created the "Skeeter Meter" to show our progress for this cute little (well, not little really) kitty named Skeeter. I've placed it over on the sidebar to your left so y'all can keep up with our progress too, as he will be our "Carolina Canine Confections" pet project kitty.

If y'all haven't noticed, I've also tweaked the name a little bit. After I "came out" (haha) with my dog treat business and mentioned the name, 2 other places have opened up with the same name. Ha ha guys. That's real funny. Let's see how hard y'all are laughin' when the Federal Trademark Office calls you up to tell you that "sorry you're using this name, but it's been trademarked so you have to rename your company or pay the owners (me) of the real Canine Confections". The day is fast approaching. Anyway, I just wanted to stand out, and I'm here in North Carolina, so I thought hey, that'll do.

Also, just to be clear, if you'd ike to order treats or if you're thinking that you might be interested, I know there are no prices listed. I wasn't sure how cool Blogger would be with that, so if you're interested (and let's face it, you know you are! who wouldn't be? Look at your doggy's can you say no to that face?), please just send me an email and I'll forward you the price list.

Thanks and I hope y'all are having a fantastic weekend!